How to contact me?


My name is Alexandra Hilfrich-Becker but please call me Sandra.


I work full time as an animal communicator much like Penelope Smith.



Animals were always a huge part of my life and they are my passion.


They were my friends and my soul mates since I was a child.


I worked the last 15 years with handicapped children and now, finally, managed to fulfil my lifelong dream of completing my training to become a professional animal communicator.  


I was born in 1977 in Bonn Germany.


I still live in Germany and share my home with my beloved husband, our 4 cats and dog (a German shepherd female).


I love animals with all my heart.


Do you need help with a lost pet?


Do you have unresolved or unexplained problems with your pets?


Do you need to find out what they want from you and need from you?


Contact me today!


No matter where you are in the world, I can and will help!


I do live with my husband our 9 cats and  dog Ronja our german Shepherd an Nanook nearby Trier Germany.

But thats doesn`t matter where I live, because the animal communication can be worldwide!





Please just contact me for more informatoins. 



You can contact me via email on: 








Alexandra Hilfrich-Becker

Unter der Hardt 6

54316 Lampaden







For an animal reading I charge


-          -  € 95,- in Europe 


-          -  $ 104,- USA


For this you will receive all call logs of the communication and a discussion via Skype to conclude the findings.





Yours in light and love,




Die Tierkommunikation verbindet uns im Herzen

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