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I am so glad you found my Web site!


My name is Alexandra Hilfrich-Becker, and I am a full-time professional animal communicator following the approach first pioneered by Penelope Smith.


Animals have always played a central role in my life.

For as far as I can think back, I have always had a strong subconscious rapport with animals, an intuitive understanding that required few words.


While it was not until much later that I knew for sure where life would take me, it had forever been a dream of mine to put this ability to use and dedicate my work to fighting for their needs.

The welfare of animals is near and dear to my heart. And that is why I love my work as an animal communicator, because it allows me to help animals just as much as their owners.


My training as animal communicator has shown me once again how closely animals and humans are connected. Animals can be true soulmates who help us and are always there for us; they communicate with us every day and understand us like few humans would.


As an animal communicator, I’ll have a caring conversation with your animal companion to improve mutual understanding between animal and owner.


Animal communication can help with a host of problems like:


- Missing pets


- Behavioral issues


- Psychological problems


- Introduction or reunion


- Housebreaking issues


- Aggression


- Relocation



Animal communication helps us learn more about our animals’ thoughts and emotions, which in turn allows us to help the animal in its current situation.

 I’d be thrilled to help you and your animal deepen your relationship and thus live together more happily and harmoniously.


Have you ever wanted to know what your loyal companion is really thinking and feeling?

Why not simply ask him or her ?

As for myself, I live together with my husband, four cats and my German shepherd near Bonn, Germany.


Animal communication has made my own life so much richer, as it has allowed me to talk to my soulmates on a daily basis to further deepen our relationship.


Our animal companions fill our daily lives with a great deal of love and joy.

On the following pages, you’ll have a chance to learn more about animal communication and, of course, myself as well.

I do hope you like my Web site. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.


Warm regards,


Alexandra Hilfrich-Becker


Each animal is an individual with its own unique personality



You may find it hard to believe, but animals are not just part of our everyday lives, they actively share the joy and sorrow we experience in life.


They do understand us like few other humans ever could.


One thing that has become clear in the many conversations I’ve had with all sorts of different animals is that they love us and that we are the sun around which their lives revolve.


Sure, there are animals that may not let on, but they all feel that way.

They love us for who we are.

In return, animals want us to acknowledge and understand them as well. Should they feel this does not happen, they may react accordingly.

In fact, an animal’s behavior often mirrors that of their owner.


Animals are emotional creatures who can only express themselves through what we would then consider “bad” behavior. For instance, if your pet has housebreaking issues, what could be the reason?

It is a silent cry for help by the animal that something is amiss.


Animal communication does not focus on their health problems but instead on talking with animals about themselves and their lives. And, as an animal communicator, I talk to your animals to learn more about their needs and wishes.


How I could help so far - some touching stories

Timid/aggressive tomcat

Dear Sandra:


I’ve thought long and hard what to write you. Somehow, it isn’t easy to find the right words.


It all began about two months ago.


That was when we decided to find our little British Shorthair tom a buddy with whom he could play and chase around the house

Luckily, a tom in a color we were looking for was quickly found. The little fellow was already nine months old, making him four months older than our British Shorthair, but at this age introducing a new cat should be no problem. Or so we thought, but more on that a bit later…


So, I went to pick the new cat up, but the little fellow acted pretty timidly – not only towards me but also toward the breeder’s husband. Still, at that point, I didn’t pay this any mind yet.


Once at home, we introduced the two cats as the breeder had suggested. This went well enough, seeing how they did not get into a fight and never acted in a hostile manner.


But now it became painfully obvious just how fearful the new tom – whom we had named Eddie – really was. We never even saw him on any of the following seven days. He also refused to eat but did at least drink.


But even after those seven days, he kept hiding and retreated to the attic. In fact, Eddie would only come out at night. And since he had held it all in during the day, at least, he left more than a fleeting impression on our noses, if you catch my drift.

Things continued like that for several weeks until we were so frustrated that we were ready to give up, especially after the Bach flowers we had been giving him showed no effect whatsoever.

His fear and anguish seemed really overpowering.

This is when you started working on the problem, for which we are still incredibly grateful.


I must confess animal communication had never really struck a chord with me, but in my seach for alternatives, I had stumbled across your homepage and read about several interesting cases. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have you get in touch with him. It was my last hope.


Already the first talk you had with Eddie revealed shocking news. I was totally at a loss when I heard what Eddie had told about his past. Apparently, when he was a little kitten, he had already been given to another family but had been treated poorly there.


One time, he had something thrown at him when he had accidentally knocked something over. He was so frightened that he hid in a corner. But a pair of large hands grabbed him and and dragged him from there. Scared out of his wits, he reacted by urinating on the floor, which earned him a thorough beating. After that, he was given back to the breeder.


Had we known about this, we would have approached the little fellow altogether differently in the first place. But the breeder had never bothered to tell me about this either.

Now, this explained his great fear, especially of me. And Eddie told Sandra that he was not afraid of my daughter.


The more talks Sandra and Eddie had, the more he opened up to us. Since he told you what he expected of us, we found it much easier to “work” with him. He truly loves my daughter and is also very fond of our other tom, Pili.

They play so sweetly together. And through them, we have also managed to gain his trust.

He’s really become the sort of open, happy-go-lucky little fellow we had been hoping for. True, he is still a bit on the timid side, but we are sure that this’ll change as well. We are absolutely confident there, because just a month ago we would have never believed that he would ever let us touch him.


You can really tell he enjoys living with us. And what a little bon vivant he has turned into! Now, even I may cuddle him once in a while. Of course, only if he is in the mood :-), but then he tosses himself about and purs like there is no tomorrow.


Without you, this would never have been possible.


Many, many thanks for your help.


Best regads,


Steven & family



Saba and Amy no longer best friends?

This is the story of Amy, a Persian cat, and Saba, a lady Boxer.


In the owner’s own words


Amy is a one-year old spayed Persian cat and has been with us since she was a little kitten. She may not be the cuddliest cat but had always been very relaxed, in good spirits and friendly to everyone.


However, all this suddenly changed the Thursday before Easter. I just hope I can get across how strange a situation it was. Anyway, it seemed a day like any other.

Briefly before lunch, Amy was sleeping on the kitchen bench while Saba, our lady Boxer, was also fast asleep in her dog basket on the kitchen floor.


Then, Saba got up and wanted to walk over to our son who was sitting on the bench as well.

Suddenly, Amy jumped up, ran across the bench heading toward Saba and started biting and clawing poor Saba in the face. The poor dog was taken by surprise but eventually started defending herself and, quite understandably, launched a counterattack.


It took all of my strength just to separate the two and get the cat off of our dog.  Luckily, Saba got away with only a couple of scratches on her snout.

After this altercation, I put Amy back on the bench and she calmed down quickly enough.

But an hour or two later, I was sitting in the living room with Amy next to me on the sofa. When Saba entered the room, Amy went bonkers again with the result pretty much the same as before.


After these incidents, it proved impossible to keep both animals in the same room. As soon as Amy saw Saba, she would attack.


As I was worried sick about the welfare of both animals, I decided to put Amy (together with her buddy Joey) in the laundry room just to give us some time to catch our breath.


Following the Easter weekend, we wanted to try to keep them together again, but it just wouldn’t work out.


Last Tuesday, my husband wanted to try again. This time, it worked famously for about an hour – Amy even sashayed right under Saba’s belly and nudged her with her nose … just like in old times!


But then, sadly, an encore of the initial altercation occurred; Amy was lying on the kitchen bench, Saba entered the kitchen, and the cat charged the dog like a bat out of hell. Luckily, I could “intercept” her just in time.

Right now, this is very depressing for all of us…


I’ve done my best to turn the laundry and two adjoining rooms into as appropriate an environment for cats as possible, but they need to feel they are still part of the family after all! I keep visiting them every chance I get, but still…


Immediately after the first fight, I went with Amy to go see a veterinarian, but he could not find anything unusual that would explain her behavior.

Curiously, she is behaving as she always has toward other members of the family (two-legged and four-legged).


Owner feedback


Dear Sandra:


Words cannot begin to express how happy and grateful I am for your help.

Just a couple of days ago, it would have been completely unimaginable that my cat Amy and my dog Saba could ever agin live together peacefully.


For four long weeks, I had kept both strictly separated. All of our attempts to bring the two together again ended with our cat attacking the dog. We were all but certain that we would have to find a new home without a dog for Amy.

But then, thankfully, I met you on the forum.


In your talks with Amy and Saba, you managed to find out what happened and what the reason was why Amy suddenly started reacting so aggressively to our dog’s presence.


You told me how Amy had tried to jump onto our kitchen counter but slipped and fell. (I had witnessed many such attempts by Amy myself and can therefore vouch that this had already happened to her quite often).


During one such attempt, Amy must have hurt herself. And since Saba has always thought of herself as our cats’ keeper, she was first on site as usual. Unfortunately, this also meant that Amy came to associate the sudden burst of pain with Saba rather than with her fall.


Your talks with Amy and the great advice you gave me on the phone have yielded sensational progress after only a few days!

It is so heartwarming to see my two girls behave more relaxed around each other every time they meet!

I’ve also worked hard on myself and always try to think positive … it really works!


Thanks to your help, Amy and Saba will soon be best friends again, just like they used to be!


Let me add that, not too long ago, I thought animal communication was utter crock.


I’m usually the kind of person that needs hard proof for everything. But all I can say is that you knew so much about my animals – just as if you really knew them personally!


I cannot thank you enough. And should there be any further problems, I would not hesitate to contact you again for help!


Best, Alex and her 20 paws



Missing cat Lisa

Lisa could be found!


Missing cat Lisa


Sandra joined me in my search for Lisa yesterday.

If only I had asked her earlier!

She told me Lisa was stuck in a pitch dark room with no apparent way out.

The thought alone drove me insane.

I provided Sandra with my full address, and she told me to further inquire in the “Klarenpesch” neighborhood.

I put several missing pet fliers on some of the houses there and even talked to a lady who lived there on the first floor.

Yesterday evening, TASSO (a German organization that keeps a register of domestic animals and pets) contacted me and gave me the cell number of a Klarenpesch resident.

With tears of joy in my eyes, I called the number.

What can I say!? Lisa had gotten herself locked in a cellar in the Klarenpesch neighborhood – exactly where Sandra said she would be.

I couldn’t believe it.

Lisa would never have gotten out of there by herself.

Only after I had opened all doors did she finally come out, though still a bit disoriented.

But when she saw that I was heading back home, she followed me.

Thousand thanks, Sandra! 




Dear Sandra:


Here is my feedback and my thanks for your help. I’m still feeling exhausted from what happened during the past few days.


Using Google and my address to view my neighborhood, you were able to tell me in what area and even in what street my Lisa must have been locked in.


In that street, I hung up a number of missing pet fliers (with TASSO identification – a German register of domestic animals and pets). I kept looking if there were any hidey holes or nooks and crannies that a cat may have used. Meanwhile, I kept calling out for her but could not hear her.


But then, yesterday evening, I was called through TASSO. Someone had apparently seen Lisa in a basement that she couldn’t escape by herself. You mentioned as much – how she could not find a way out.

It was exactly in the street that you had named. I was crying for joy. It was right across the street!


I was so happy to be able to pick her up there. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and can only recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation!

Thank you so much, Sandra!







How I could help so far abroad

The Gladiator and The Princess


Sandra, I wanted to thank you so much for your help with one of our mares. Gala is a 25 year old Egyptian Arabian broodmare who was rescued from what a local newspaper called a "concentration camp for horses" a few years ago.

Until you and I began working together, her rescuer and caretaker on the farm where I hold equine-facilitated mindfulness workshops had exhausted every possible medical and dietary cause for her failure to thrive before I arrived on the farm. Tuning into her emotional state held the key.


Here's how our story unfolded:


A couple of weeks after arriving at this farm to set up a new workshop program I was taking one of our normally calm therapy geldings out for a session.

He was instantly frantic, jumpy and began pacing and calling out to a mare in the pasture I'd just removed him from. I hadn't met this mare before on my previous few visits since there are so many horses on this farm.

When I realized both horses were highly agitated and unlikely to calm down if kept separated we got the mare from the pasture and brought her over to the round pen where we were working.

Instantly they both calmed down and returned to normal breathing.


Upon looking at this mare I was stunned at her appearance. She was quite anorexic and I got a "traumatized" vibration from her energy field. She was barely present and seemed to have given up on life.

She wasn't interested in the lush grass at her feet, nor in the hay we offered her.

Because of this I could only assume that she had been a very new arrival from a rescue situation. All of the other horses on the farm were in thriving condition and I knew all were well fed and cared for.

The farm owner pours her heart and soul into her horses and lavishes them with whatever they need.


My partner and I did some hands-on energy work on the mare and spent the next hour grooming her and loving on her much to the relief of our gelding.

He stayed at her side nuzzling her through the bars of the round pen and seemed quite content that we gave all of our attention and energy to her that day, leaving working with him for another time.


Upon consulting with the farm owner about this mare I was surprised to find out that not only had this mare been in residence for almost three years, but that the owner had made dozens of attempts at medical and dietary intervention and had been on a quest to determine the cause of her anorexia.

She just wouldn't eat much no matter what was offered. She remained attentive to Gala's needs without much success and resigned that perhaps she was just going to remain thin due to her advanced age.


I knew that something emotional was going on with the mare from my time spent with her and my knowledge of everything the owner had tried.

I was so glad that you were available to communicate with Gala to help us learn more.


Your ability to tune in to this mare's emotional concerns about a lost foal and her fear of being abandoned again and not being safe cleared the road to a miraculous healing in a very short time.

By assuring her that she would be well cared for throughout the rest of her days and by inviting her into the healing work my partner and I are doing with horses and humans she has apparently regained her zest for life.


Within two weeks of your work with her she was eating again. With the renewed attention to Gala, the owner was inspired to make yet another feed change that she seemed to take to.

And the biggest change was in the mare't attitude. The week after you first spoke with her she charged into the ring with me like a prima ballerina back on stage to perform.

And the week after that all who observed her could tell she had gained nearly 100 pounds. Her bony hips are gone and her ribs are less visible. Most importantly she is waking up!


I've attached a photo of this princess and her gladiator taken on the day I met her.

And a headshot of her taken two weeks later when she first began waking up.

You can see she is still thin, yet this was hugely improved over the two weeks before. I look forward to sending you a full body shot of how beautiful she is after she's had another month to gain more weight. She is looking better every day. Her hero the gelding is much more calm and happy as well.


This mare's transformation was astounding in such a short time.

She went from being a barely there, downtrodden, almost invisible mare to giving everyone in the pasture a run for their money to be the herd boss that she deserves to be given her age and wisdom. It has been a pleasure to watch her vitality unfold.

I look forward to a long relationship with this mare in my work with trauma survivors. Having been through what she's been through she will be the perfect guide to help people who need to make the same transformation that she has made.


Thank you, Sandra for all of your help!


Allison Peacock
White Horse Medicine
Austin, Texas

Lost dog Nallah and her sad Story

Dear Sandra




Thank you for your latest email. My fiancé in his infinite wisdom bought me a puppy yesterday for my belated birthday! It was such a nice amazing sweet gesture.


Not sure I am ready for it just yet, but the puppy seems to want me. He would not leave me alone for a second.

When I picked him up he cuddled me the way Nallah used to. I don’t think it is her that came back just yet, way to soon I suppose, but this little bundle of joy has lifted my heart and spirits a little bit.

It is a Malemoet x German Sheppard and I named him Gabriel, after the archangel. Seem to need Gabriel and his guidance in my life right now so I trust this puppy was the right decision.


We are also moving house onto a property closer to the city. It has a huge secure fenced in garden. Not even Nallah would be able to get out there if she was still with us!

I local newspaper (huge in South Africa) has also contacted me and wants to do a story on Nallah and animal communication. They might be sending you an email soon. People are fascinated about how you helped me locate Nallah’s killer. I hope you don’t mind!




My testimonial to you:




I would like to start with a HUGE thank you to you. You helped me all the way from Germany to get closure and find my “child’s” killer.

People that aren’t animal lovers won’t understand the hurt and pain one feels when a pet goes missing or is found dead.

We mourn them as they would mourn the loss of a child. Nallah was and still is a very very special soul.

She touched hearts and lives of everyone that came in contact with her. Thanks to your assistance and communication with her, all the way from Germany to Nallah here in South Africa, world’s apart, I managed to find her killer.

You described his farm exactly. If it wasn’t for your information I wouldn’t have found her.

As soon as I described your email to our neighbouring farms, they immediately told me the killer is Jaco Basson as his farm has the only section of the river with water in. Everyone else’s was dried up.


He is also the only farmer with geese on his lands at the river. When I called him he described Nallah to me before I could describe her to him and told me he would never forget shooting her as she was such a unique dog.

He seems quite proud of shooting her. He still refuses to give her body to me, but thanks to you, I know Nallah has moved on and is in a better place. She still lives although not in physical form.




Nallah’s death was hopefully not in vain. It turns out this farmer shoots all dogs that comes on his lands, even if they do not bother with his sheep.


Nallah grew up with sheep, cattle and horses and weren’t bothered with them at all. She only had this overwhelming urge to chase geese and guinea fowl around!lol she would never hurt them though. It was just playful.


We also found out that he shot our neighbours Labrador and her two puppies two years ago and did this in front of their 11yr old daughter. Labradors are also water babies and they only went there to play in the river. Same as Nallah.

They are not hunters but protectors. Their daughter arrived there in time but he still shot them dead in cold blood in front of her to teach them a “lesson”. He also shoots all protected wild life that comes on his farm.

We were on his lands and there are dead animal bodies everywhere! It is heartbreaking. I, and Nallah, will put a stop to this now!!! She will still touch lives even from the afterlife and it is thanks to you that we have now managed to unveil this merciless killer!




I hope and pray that one day we will get the chance to meet. If I had any doubt in animal communicators, you convinced me 100% that it is real and it can help anyone find a lost pet “family member”.




Thank you so so much Sandra!





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