The human-animal relation

Problems often occur in the relation between owner and animal. These are often reflected in abnormal animal behavior.


Aggression/ Dominance


Housebreaking issues


Missing pets-- What now?!


Animal behavior modification


There are many different types of abnormal animal behavior such as aggression, housebreaking issues, refusal to feed, etc.


Some animals run away only to return weeks later. Other animals exhibit a specific behavior the owner would like to change or correct.


Many owners despair, not knowing what else to do.

This is where animal communication can help clarify the situation by mediating between owner and animal.


Similar to the work done by an interpreter, animal communication can be used to communicate the owner’s wishes to the animal or to explain the reasons for the animal’s behavior to the owner.


A lot of times, it’s the little things we tend to overlook.


Still, sometimes health problems are the cause for abnormal behavior. At that point, it is high time to visit an animal healer or veterinarian if the animal is suffering from pain.


But animals do also mirror their owners. They often adopt what messages and behavior they see from us. In that case, owners would be well advised to change their own situation! Believe it or not, an owner’s depression, for instance, may eventually rub off on an animal.


Naturally, you as the owner do have certain expectations about what I can do for you. Let me first make it perfectly clear that I cannot just snap my fingers and work miracles.


But what I can do is deal with the situation shared by animal and owner in as caring and delicate a manner as possible.

My heart guides me in everything I do. And this also goes for my work. I’ll do everything in my power to help you and your animal find common ground and a solution that is satisfactory for all involved!


It may come with the territory, but I do care especially about the welfare of the animal. This is near and dear to my heart. Animals are wonderful creatures who  are unfortunately all too often misunderstood, which may ultimately result in a host of problems.



Psychological problems

Many animals often feel misunderstood if their own past is not adequately taken into account or if no heed is paid to what preoccupies their inner self. Animals can be sad, have problems or be afraid.

This is where I can help change things as an animal communicator just by listening. We all know how a lot of times it is already a big help if somebody just listens to our problems. Animals are no different. Just to know that there is somebody who understands them and is honestly interested in them can be tremendous comfort to them.

That can, for instance, be achieved by giving owners a better understanding of their animals and their problem, which in turn makes it easier to find a way together that will best help the animal.

Bach flowers may support this process as well. Another possibility may be supplementary treatment by an animal healer.

The animal’s behavior may not change overnight, but it’s definitely a first step in the right direction.


Missing pets

This is a touchy subject for animal communicators, simply because we realize perfectly well what agony owners are going through. 

Many are half-sick with fear and worry for their beloved companion. This is why many animal communicators no longer offer their help in the search for missing animals.


What makes this so difficult for animal communicators is that you either succeed and the animal is found or the animal remains missing.


My view is that an animal communicator needs to be absolutely honest with the owner.

After all, it’s happened to me in the past that an animal kept putting me off with promises it would soon return home when in fact it had no intention to do so.

The adventure was just too enticing.

Many animals, especially cats vanish and never come back.

Many get run over and never made it back home to die there. This is disturbing and sad for me as well, because I can see what happened to the animal with my spiritual eye.

Sometimes, animals are taken away or locked in (whether accidentally or not).

In this case, animals can communicate to me what they are seeing and hearing.


Most important for me in such a scenario is to give the owner certainty whether the animal is still alive or not.


Should the animal be locked in, then I can try to find him or her together with the owner through whatever information the animal manages to communicate.

In this case, it is particularly helpful if animals tell me what they are seeing at the moment.

Unfortunately, I’ve had it happen that the contact with the animal was very bad, because the animal was confused and unsure about what had just unfolded.

This tends to happen when an animal dies tragically and does not yet realize it died.

That said,  I’ll do my utmost to help you find your animal. But this can prove to be exceedingly difficult, and the animal may no longer be alive.

Nevertheless, I’m willing to offer my services for locating missing pets as well.


Illness and suffering

 A lot of animals take ill these days. Owners are often at a loss why their animal won’t eat  anymore or act differently than before.

It is possible the animal is silently suffering from major pain. Unlike children, animals cannot communicate where it hurts. So, instead, they change their behavior.


Owners should have their animals checked regularly by a veterinarian, since it is hard to tell whether the animal is still suffering. Many afflictions and illnesses can be quite subtle at first, and we only notice the symptoms when health problems are already severe.


Again, animal communication can help here, too, by giving the animal a chance to describe the pain it is experiencing. Animal communication also allows for “feeling the animal out” to better ascertain his or her current health.

I’d be more than happy to help you and your animal with this as well.


Dead animals

For animals, death is different than for human beings. Animals are not afraid to die. They regard it as something natural, an integral part of the eternal cycle of life.

When animals die, it often hits their owners hardest. All of a sudden, a loyal old friend is no longer there.

Likewise, animals who  die before their time or fall victim to an accident leave a particularly painful emptiness in our lives.


Through animal communication, it is possible to talk directly to the souls of deceased animals, as their souls live on. They’ve just perished from the here and now.

Do you want to say your goodbyes and farewells to your beloved companion? Was there something that remained unsaid or still needed to be cleared up?


I’d be honored to help you ease the loss of a beloved companion!



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