Animal communication

 But what exactly is animal communication, you might wonder now


In a nutshell, animal communication consists of getting in touch with an animal through telepathy. Keep in mind that (barring permanent injury, genetic defects, or disability) we all have five senses that we use regularly:



- Sight, 


- Hearing,


 - Touch,


- Smell and Taste. 



Telepathy is one form of extrasensory perception – a number of senses that are also at our disposal, but that we have unfortunately “unlearned.”

Among many indigenous peoples who still live in communion with nature, such communication is still in wide use even today.


·    Clairvoyance – seeing images that are not part of one’s own experience or memory 


·    Clairaudience – the voice inside one’s own head (having an inner conversation with oneself)



·        Clairtouch (Clairfeeling / Clairsensing) – basically, the gut feeling


·    Clairtaste (Clairgusting) – feeling a taste (e.g., cooking a dish without actually tasting or seasoning to taste)


·    Clairsmell (Clairalience) – smelling a scent or fragrance that is not currently in the air



·    Intuition – basic knowledge one knows intuitively to be true


For animal communication, I employ all of these aspects of extrasensory perception. They allow me to get in touch with animals and “talk” to them, much as if we were talking over the phone.


During a session, I lead a conversation with an animal, in the course of which I usually receive vivid images, for instance, a tour through the animal’s home.

Animals tell me what they appreciate and what they do not like so much.

They tell me about their lives and about their owners.

What most humans do not realize is that animals take a much more active part in our life than we would we imagine. They are always at our side and give us the gift of love.

At the start of our conversation, animals are typically thrilled to get a chance to tell their side of the story and what preoccupies them.

There are a number of recurring impressions that I receive over and over again. Animals are always happy to see that their owners want to know more about them.

However, animal communication can never replace the services of a veterinarian or animal healer.


What animal communication can do is mediate between animal and owner by improving our understanding of animal companions, much like a good interpreter does between people with different native tongues.


Many problems can only be solved if the underlying cause is known. Mind you, this does not mean I can simply wave my magic wand and solve every problem. It is not my place to train your animal!

Rather, what I do is speak on behalf of the animal and act in his or her best interest, because the animal’s well-being is my primary concern.


Our relationship with our animals

Our relationship with our animals or what animals want to communicate through their behavior


The relationship we have with our animals is in a lot of ways closer and deeper than any we could ever hope to establish with other human beings.

This is because animals have an ability that humans unfortunately lack:

Animals live for the moment in the present; and they do so with every fiber of their being – mind, body, and soul!


For them, everything happens in and flows from the here and now.

What’s more, they manage to draw us into the present, to the here and now, from our thoughts about past or future like no human being ever could!


If we are willing to follow our animal companion to the here and now with body, spirit and soul and rest for a moment in the present, then time itself will come to standstill. And we can enjoy life to the fullest!


That is why the time we consciously spend with our animals adds so much to our hectic lives. It is like an oasis of repose for our soul.


If we learned to seize the here and now just like our animals do, then we would gain something utterly wonderful:

Inner peace! No worries, no fears!


If we learned to join our animals in the here and now, then we would also learn to understand our animals intuitively.


Our animals react to our everyday life, to our mood and our feelings. They know our inner lives.


Humans are an open book for animals

They give us signs and communicate with us.

Human beings often notice this but think they are hallucinating. Rather than observe and listen closely, they file the experience away under “trifling matters and such.”

Yes, animals take close part in our lives; they constantly provide us with feedback through their behavior and body language. Unfortunately, though, humans tend to be a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to nonverbal communication.


So, what does the animal do? It keeps communicating with us!

It does so through its behavior, as other forms of expression are often disregarded or outright ignored.


So, in response, a perfectly housebroken, loyal animal might all of a sudden start defecating or urinating all over the place or just vanish for a couple of days, thinking:

“I’m takin’ off; ‘maybe that way you’ll finally get the message!”

In their own way, animals are absolutely straight about what they think or feel about what’s happening in our lives.


They don’t judge or condemn us, they don’t critize us! They are just being honest and tell us what they think!

Die Tierkommunikation verbindet uns im Herzen

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